Hello, my name is Dipali.

I’ve recently started blogging about one thing that I am passionate about, i.e. makeup, and I hope you will join my journey while I ramble about all things beauty! I was born in Mumbai, India in 1988 (I guess it is easier than writing my age and changing it every year!) and moved to Dubai, United Arab Emirates as a kid and now, Dubai is home. I currently reside in Boston, USA. I came here to pursue my masters at Boston University in 2014 and now I am working since 2016. I am a marketing professional by day and a makeup blogger by night. I’m also a hoarder of jewelry, shoes, perfumes, clothes, and hand bags so maybe I might post about them in the future. As of now, I’m just going with the flow. I have only started cooking recently so I will spare you the misery of looking at pictures of burnt food! I am a true Scorpio and Dragon (whatever that means!) and I enjoy traveling, binge-watching my favorite TV shows and reading in my spare time.

I am not a professional makeup artist or an expert. I simply love playing with makeup and skin care products, and would love to share my views on them from time to time. I was bitten by the makeup bug in 2013 and it was definitely not a phase! My goal is to create a holistic site with reviews, swatches, looks, favorites, dupes etc. I hope you enjoy reading my posts and get valuable information from them. 

Thanks for stopping by!