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Natasha Denona Diamond & Blush Palette

Natasha Denona Diamond & Blush Palette

Hello, makeup lovers! Today I will discuss the Natasha Denona Diamond & Blush face highlighting and contour palette which I purchased in the shade Citrus. It's my first time purchasing a product from the Natasha Deanna makeup line so I am naturally very excited! It is expensive so read on to find out my thoughts about this palette and whether it's worth the hefty price tag. 

Natasha Denona has introduced this palette in two shades - Dariya and Citrus. Dariya is geared towards lighter skin tones and is a cool-toned palette and Citrus, its warm counterpart, is for medium to darker skin tones. However, I have seen a lot of people with medium skin tones opt for Dariya over Citrus and love the shades. If you love your pinks, Dariya is the palette for you. From what I have seen online, many people are intimated by the lemony yellow shade on the Citrus palette. I will get to that in a bit. I chose Citrus over Dariya mainly because of the blush shades. I felt they would suit me better than the ones in Dariya. The palettes are made in Italy and retail for $89. I purchased mine from Sephora's website

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This palette has two blush shades and four highlighters. There is one cream blush and one cream highlighter and the rest are all powders. Natasha Denona has posted an Instagram story and a YouTube video on how to apply the shades from this palette. I have, so far, used all 6 shades together to achieve the "diamond glow" and from my experience, I can tell you that it is necessary to use all the shades to achieve the look she describes in her tutorial videos. 

Let me quickly give you a breakdown of the shades based on the steps of application:

1. The first shade that Natasha Denona recommends applying is the Cream Blush. You can either use a wet sponge or your fingers to apply this shade.

2. The powder blush comes next. Apply it using a blush brush. This blush is buildable and you might need to come back to it in the end (after finishing all 6 steps). 

3. Apply the Glow Cream Base in Diamond with a wet sponge or with your fingertips. It is only a base so do not expect a blinding highlight effect by applying it on its own.

4. Next, apply the Glow Extreme highlighter. This step adds a nice glow effect to the cheekbones.

5. Natasha Denona says that this step is an alternative to the 4th one, however, you can do both 4 and 5 which is what she shows in her tutorial videos. Apply the Duo Glow powder which is the yellow-green highlighter in the palette. 

6. If you are not already shining enough, add a layer of the Diamond Powder to seal the look. This step gives your face a dewy/wet appearance which is stunning if you have a clear skin! You can apply this powder with a brush on your fingertips. 

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Moving on, I am going to divide this review into two sections for easy reading - pros and cons.


- The quality of these shades is actually really stunning. I'm a fan of the pressed Diamond Powder. It's finely milled and the texture is so soft and buttery. All the shades are creamy and soft for that matter in this palette. This is by far the best one out of all 6 in terms of texture. Once you apply it to your skin, it gives you a beautiful wet-like finish. Your cheekbones will appear wet with a beautiful glow! 

- I think the shades go well together and the unique lemon yellow shade is really stunning. It is not a bright neon yellow but a stunning almost-gold shade with a very faint green shift when applied. I was so sure I was not going to get Citrus but once I saw her apply this shade to her models on her video/story, I became a fan. It's not at all an intimidating shade once you apply it to your cheekbones.

- If used as instructed, this palette actually creates a nice unique look that's perfect for a night out. You can also mix and match if you don't want to use all 6 shades. That way it doesn't look too bold and can be worn during the day which is why I'd say this palette is definitely versatile. There are different finishes and textures in just one palette. 

- The packaging is amazing. It's heavy so I am not sure that it's travel-friendly but I love how luxurious it feels. The top row has an acrylic lid to protect the creams and Duo Glow powder. 

- The look lasts the whole day so that tells me again that the quality is topnotch. The pan size is good too and I didn't face any difficulty with kickback when it came to the powders in this palette. 


- If you have pores, the highlighters may accentuate those especially if you apply the Diamond Powder or the Citrus shade heavy-handedly. However, one thing that I noticed is if you set your face with a setting spray after applying all the shades and actually give them time to settle, this palette can help you achieve an almost ethereal look and the pores don't look very prominent. So there's definitely a way to work around this palette if you have issues with pores. 

- Once all the highlighters have been added to the cheekbones, I have to go back and reapply the powder blush because I feel it gets muted after applying four highlighter shades! It might not necessarily be a bad thing but I just wanted to put it out there. So basically after the highlighters are on, the blushes gets diffused rather than getting intensified. The Citrus one is the most prominent shade in this palette. Even though the powder blush shade is gorgeous but I'd say I am not a 100% happy with the color payoff. 

- There is a bit of fall out when you apply the highlighter shades on your cheeks so you need to watch out for that or you will have a sparkly disco face.

I do believe this can be a very good palette if all the shades are used together to create a desired glow effect. For instance, the Diamond Powder and Glow Extreme appear to have the same effect on the face. Also, by itself, the Glow Cream Base doesn't really show up so my best guess is that's its sole purpose is to provide an adhesive effect for the other powders to stick to. Also, these two shades don't necessarily give out any color on brown skin tone. I'd term them as neutral highlighters. However, if you follow the steps, you will get the pretty look that Natasha Denona's models are flaunting on social media!


Top to Bottom - Glow Cream Base, Cream Blush, Duo Glow, Diamond Powder, Powder Blush and Glow Extreme

Overall, I love the palette and I do not regret purchasing it. However, I was expecting to be wowed at the $89 price tag and I think it fell short in that aspect. Would I recommend this palette? Definitely, if you feel like splurging. Do I believe it's a must-have palette? Not really.

I really enjoy the palette honestly and have worn it several times but then again I am a bit of a highlighter junkie. My only hesitation to recommend this beauty is because of the hefty price tag and I am not sure I can justify $89 even though I understand that Natasha Denona charges premium prices. Initially, I did struggle to use it correctly but once I figured out the right technique, the application has been flawless. It is my current favorite palette and has replaced the Hourglass one for now. The best thing about this palette is its versatility. You can definitely get a subtle glow or go all in and shine bright like a diamond! If you're on the fence about this one, I'd say give it a shot. You won't be disappointed once you know what to expect from the palette. I am going to say it is my best highlighter/blush palette that I own thus far and it's coming with me when I travel. 

Hope the review helps if this palette was on your radar. Until next time, have a fabulous one, good peeps! 



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